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We specialize in sourcing connectivity options for Greater Cincinnati businesses both large and small. Using our proprietary quoting tool (above right) and local ties, we can find you the best deal, every time! Best of all, our services and counsel are free when you order through us.

Voice & Cloud

Telecom’s convergence with IT has been spawned by VoIP (voice becomes just another app to run across the network) and the cloud’s preeminence and, ultimately, dependency on connectivity. The three—data, voice and cloud—are inherently supplement each other often bundle effectively.

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Connectivity is King!

IP-based solutions and cloud technologies have spawned a motherland of connectivity-dependent businesses starving for more secure, reliable bandwidth. This proliferation of bandwidth-intensive applications and cloud, coupled with big data and the Internet of Things, means exponentially more data traffic for businesses.

Fortunately, fiber-optic connections offer increased bandwidth, speed and performance at a lower cost. What was once a luxury and too expensive has become a necessity and fortunately a reality, even for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) given the expanded build out in many metropolitan cities, including Greater Cincinnati. Choosing to modernize your data infrastructure with fiber will bring benefits such as improved reliability, faster connection speeds, and improved functionality, giving you greater access to cloud-based applications and services.

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Fiber Footprint Expands

The availability of fiber connectivity is progressively expanding. Fiber-ready office environments are becoming more commonplace. With its inherent speed, performance and scalability, fiber makes a businesses transition to the cloud that much smoother.

A trinity of events, Cloud-VoIP-Fiber, has led to unprecedented levels of bandwidth consumption. Fortunately, the “per unit” cost for bandwidth has decreased significantly. And, with fiber circuits, organization’s can quickly dial up additional bandwidth, if need be, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

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Solution Agnostic, Carrier Neutral

Queen City Fiber offers Business Class Internet services delivered via Fiber, Cable, Copper, Satellite, and Wireless from all the top carriers serving the Cincinnati Tri-State region. These cost effective and reliable services are ideal for connectivity dependent businesses needing daily Internet access and backup.

What We’re About

Queen City Fiber exists to help businesses meet their growth objectives by connecting them with dependable, affordable metro Ethernet fiber. Cincinnati (aka the “Queen City”) has an ever-expanding fiber footprint that gives many local businesses, depending on locale, the ability to access true dedicated fiber connectivity.

Fiber Availability

Multiple fiber networks exist in Greater Cincinnati, a metropolis that comprises Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana and Southwest Ohio, including those from the local ILEC, Cincinnati Bell Business, and national providers such as Level3 and Time Warner Cable Business Class. Now, as the cost of high-speed fiber-optic connectivity has fallen, Cincinnati’s small and mid-sized business are jumping on board.

We Understand

What makes QCF different? We provide localized counsel specific to Greater Cincinnati and the ability to offer solutions from all the carriers and providers present in the marketplace, including CBTS. Plus, we have a web-based plugin that allows you to conduct research on your own whether it be high speed Internet access or voice and network services.

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